D&L Restoration


  • We do full ground-up restoration of most automobiles and pick-up trucks.
  • We have automotive engine rebuild service available through an outstanding, highly recommended shop, Ed’s Automotive Machine and Dyno Facility.
  • We can transport vehicles to and from our facility.
  • We have window glass and electrical services available as well as paint and rust removal by media and sand blasting.
  • In house, we perform painting, metal work, metal fabrication and welding.
  • Our facility is in full compliance with the Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Board (our spray booth meets all pollution standards).

Autobody Shop versus Restoration Shop

An Auto Body Shop uses modern power tools as well as pneumatic sanders for cutting plastic fillers to create desired contours and air sockets and chisels to expedite their work to put the car back to the condition is was in before damage was done.

An Auto Restoration Shop works at a controlled pace using less power tools for the most part but has an artisan that shapes metal by hand, bringing it to the original contour then applying finishing glaze and primers followed by tedious block-sanding.

This comparison is not to cast aspersions on the Body Shop as they have to concentrate on production to be competitive, while the Restoration Shop concentrates on quality to save a piece of history.

Webster’s dictionary defines “Restore” as “to put or bring back into a former or original state.”  This labor-intensive work drives costs into the stratosphere.  All personnel must be skilled, as every process is completely dependent on the preceding one from start to finish.  How a restoration turns out has everything to do with the way it was disassembled, stripped, primed, block-sanded, painted, polished, etc..  Block-sanding, for instance, requires more finesse and infinitely more effort than applying the finish color, but it all must be done to perfection.

There is much satisfaction in bringing an old machine back to “new” condition.  It is even better when an owner has a sentimental attachment to a project, like the man whose mother bought the car new.  Or the man who bought his old jalopy when in high school fifty years ago, met and dated his future wife, and now, all these years later, the kids are grown the with own families and the jalopy is still with them.  It is our job, as well as our joy, to restore these vehicles for them.